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About Us

Company Overview

“PT AQ Business Consulting Indonesia (AsiaQuest Indonesia, Director: Takashi Yoshitsugu) was established in September, 2012, with head office located in Jakarta. As one of the most economic growing countries, we are growing together with Indonesia by using our IT/Internet knowledge. Furthermore, we want to contribute to the growth and enrichment of Indonesia.

In 2014, we established a development center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We are now, know the diversity of Indonesia very well, we see and catch up the dynamic change of this country. From there, we find the chance and then we decide to provide better services with IT/Internet power. We will grow and contribute in developing Indonesia and Asia, both as an Indonesian and as an Asian.”

Our Vision & Mission

To actively seize opportunities and grow with the ever changing Asia.
AsiaQuest Indonesia focuses on being a pioneer in the field of digital marketing. We are your best partner in WEB and internet solution.

Our Services & Products

We support our clients through our services to help them to reach their goals. Besides WEB development, we also offer a one stop service to help clients with practical internet strategies. They can gain success with our internet business consultation, mobile apps development, stable and easy-to-use system development, SEO as well as advertisement.


Our Services

Web Site Creation, Home Page Creation
Corporate WEB site creation, campaign page, from LP production to the large WEB construction services site. We create WEB site using the latest technology, responsive Web, and also HTML5. We also run the WEB site operations after the production.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile WEB site creation (production for mobile and tablet-optimized WEB), Mobile (iOS and Android) application development. Mobile support is required because the percentage of mobile users in Indonesia is very high and it will still be growing up.

We can help your SEO matters in Indonesian, Japanese, and English. Not only SEO consultation, we can also do ‘actual updating’, ‘creating contents’ or ‘change WEB system’ by ourselves. Our SEO isn’t hand-on SEO service, not ‘only verbal’ or ‘only document’ SEO service. Our content writers can help to create good contents for content-based-SEO.

E-Commerce construction and operation
We are supporting Indonesia domestic E-Commerce business from planning until the operation. We are expert in customizing EC-cube and Shopify. If you require to distribute online test, do the sample sale and collect the survey data as well as consultation, please feel free to contact us.

Introduction System Development
Do the development of various online WEB systems by using advanced technology such as CakePHP framework. kintone by cybozu.

We offer various other services related to WEB and the Internet, so feel free to consult us. The services include SSL by (GlobalSign), outsourcing content creation and SNS operations, as well as Kintone implementation and customization.


Our Product

We are developing and running WEB services with the intention that our web services can connect Indonesia and Japan. By using internet network, we believe Indonesian people can live more easily and happily. We aim to bring rich and useful information about travelling to Japan on the internet. By accessing our product, we hope everyone could have a delightful experience in Japan through excellent travel planning. We also want to support Japanese company newcomers in Indonesia. Below are some examples of our web medias and web services.

“Jalan2keJepang” is a website that provides necessary and practical information about Japan for tourists from Indonesia. We developed this website to solve the problem that information about traveling to Japan, in general, is not provided enough for Indonesian tourists in Indonesian language. We also provide various information about Japan with sorting function by prefectures or experience. Other than user reviews and blogs, we provide information for muslims, such as mosque and halal food in Japan. We are always improving our contents and system everyday to meet the needs of traveling to Japan. Please feel free to contact us anytime if your company or institute are related to traveling to Japan. (Pilih=Choose, Kartu=Card) is Indonesia’s credit card comparison website. The WEB provides credit card information, promotions, and tips on how to use credit card effectively and practically. We’d like to help Indonesian to be a better credit card user and to make the credit card penetration rate get higher.

Company Profile

Company Name PT. AQ Business Consulting Indonesia
Alias アジアクストインドネシア,PT AQ Business Consulting Indonesia
Address SPINDO Building 3rd Floor, Jl.KH.Wahid Hasyim No.76
City Jakarta
Business Category IT & Service
Capital -
Phone +62 21-3925516
Number of Employee 24名(2015年2月現在)
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