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Jakarta 11620, Indonesia

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About Us

Company Overview

We are a company engaged in the auction service, in particular for automotive products such as cars and motorcycles. PT. JBA Indonesia is a foreign companies in focused on large-scale auctions and is headquartered in Japan. The company was established in Indonesia on November 16, 2011, and has won the award as the best innovation auction company in 2013 and 2014. Reliable, Safe, Practical and comfortable is our motto in providing professional services and create business partners and customer satisfaction.
Other than that, we also support the needs of each of our customers whose activities bonded with their business, by building a system that is reliable, accurate and real-time. Our customers can find information in a complete and detailed through the website in selecting units at a very competitive price, and also to check the physical image of each unit auctioned, with a user-friendly websites that based on the data system, 60% of our visitors can access through smartphone.

Our Vision & Mission

Put auction service user satisfaction above anything else, whether it is seller, enthusiasts, participants and buyers. Making the auction as the best alternative in selling assets, securing assets and competitive advantage.
Becomes as the largest auction company in Indonesia. As well as becomes a professional partner, transparent and reliable.

Our Services & Products

The Indonesian motorcycle and automobile market has rapidly expanded in recent years as motor vehicles have spread among the population. Sales of motorcycles and automobiles in 2011 are expected to exceed 8,200,000 and 850,000 units, respectively, and the market is mostly dominated by Japanese manufacturers. On the other hand, Indonesia lags behind other nations in its motorcycle and automobile distribution systems, such as retail distribution and financing. Therefore, there is an urgent need to modernize the motorcycle and automobile distribution systems for sustainable and healthy development of the market.

Sumitomo Corporation has already expanded motorcycle and auto retail financing across much of Indonesia. PT. JBA Indonesia will not only sell owned motorcycles and automobiles associated with the financing businesses of Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsui & Co. in Indonesia, but will also invite leading finance companies and motorcycle and auto dealers throughout Indonesia to participate in auction listings. PT. JBA Indonesia aims to capture a leading position in the auction business in Indonesia, leveraging its know-how of auction operations in Japan and the strong reputation of Japanese companies.

PT. JBA Indonesia will initially run motorcycle auctions in Jakarta, then handle automobile auctions, and will expand its operations in provincial cities such as Surabaya and Medan. In addition, PT. JBA Indonesia plans to disclose information on the used motorcycle and automobile market including winning bid prices and contract completion rates in auctions to motorcycle and automobile manufacturers who have business bases in Indonesia. Such information, which has so far not been transparent, is likely to become increasingly available to each manufacturer the same as in developed countries. The availability of transparent information, which enables manufacturers to manage production and shipment volumes more precisely, will contribute to the healthy development of the motorcycle and automobile market in Indonesia.

Company Profile

Company Name PT. JBA Indonesia
Alias JBA Indonesia
Address Jl. Topaz BT no 77 Meruya Utara Jakarta Barat - (Area Parkir lottemart meruya)
Jakarta 11620, Indonesia
City Jakarta Barat
Business Category Automotive & Accessories
Capital -
Phone +622158901925
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