Meiji Had Announced Marketing Alliance with Kyorin Medical Supply

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On January 27, 2016, PT Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries and Kyorin Medical Supply have announced a new marketing alliance. Both companies have agreed to conduct the sale of “RUBYSTA” in Indonesia market. RUBYSTA is a trademark for multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner, a leading cleaning agent manufactured by Kyorin Medical Supply.

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Based on the agreement, PT Meiji Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries will acquire distributorship for RUBYSTA sale within Indonesia. After getting import and sale registration from Indonesian Administrative Authority , the company can legally sell the product to medical institutions.

As the manufacturer, Kyorin claimed that compared to the existing similar products, RUBYSTA is more reliable and convenient for users. It enables cleaning and disinfection in one step. Ranging from environmental surface to equipment  surface, RUBYSTA can be used in a wide range of application.


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