The Business Expansion of Two Japanese Company in Indonesia

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Two of Japanese company will do a business expansion in Indonesia. Indonesia is a suitable space to expand for their business. Indonesia is also has a great potential to advance the industry. Two of Japanese company are being submitted expansion plans of US$ 54.5 million or IDR 725 billion at an exchange rate of IDR 13,000 per US dollar. Two companies still unknown name are engaged in the field of automotive spare parts as well as industrial robots and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and packaging industry.

The first investor plan is develop the production capacity of automotive spare parts of US$ 10 million to $ 20 million. Then, the second investor will expansion with the total investment value of US$ 34.5 million.

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Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Franky Sibarani said that he responded positively of the investment plan, which has submitted by two candidates for the Japanese investors. Until now, Franky still in communication with a two Japanese company related the expansion in Indonesia.

In addition, the beverage industry investors also ask some concern related to expansion operations.

Franky said “The Investors has request of 3 point which are related to industrial location, product registration, and employment recruitment”.

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Associated with the problems that arise, the BKPM will be coordinated with the relevant parties, including the Ministry of Labor, as well as local government BPOM.

For additional information, in the first quarter of this year, the Japanese company’s investment in Indonesia reached up to US$ 1.58 M, consisting of 427 projects and absorb 28 377 workers. The position of Japan came second on the list of countries investing resources in Indonesia. Japan is under of Singapore and beyond Hong Kong, China, and the Netherlands.


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