Partnership Between Adways Indonesia and Blackberry

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PT. Adways Indonesia as a subsidiary company of Adways Inc Japan (Head Office: Shinjuku-Tokyo, CEO: Harunisa Okamura) was established in July 8, 2011. Adways Indonesia provides services in making and marketing for smartphone marketing apps, such as, AppDriver, PartyTrack and Seads. The product services is now on further development targeting on domestic and overseas. Until now, Adways Indonesia has a many existing client, eg. elevenia, tokopedia, etc.

On February 17, 2016, PT. Adways Indonesia announced a partnership with Blackberry. The partnership is about providing Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Ads services to Adways clients around the globe. Adways provide the most cost efficient method to gain user acquisition in countries where Blackberry’s advertising service exists.

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Blackberry Messenger is a popular application in Indonesia, in which they have many user in each city. BBM provides a services not only chat or phone call, but also provides advertisers. Advertisers are served to BBM users through multiple formats such as in feed, video content, stickers and bulletins.

In the partnerships, Adways will contribute to support the business of app development, as well as providing high quality and innovative mobile app marketing services.


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