Fujitsu Not Yet Interested in Producing Smartphone in Indonesia

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Fujitsu Indonesia was established in Indonesia since 1995. Until now, Indonesia is a potential market and the important market for the company. Therefore, Fujitsu still continues to changes quality of product and services in order to give satisfaction for consumer.

In Indonesia, Fujitsu Company is engaged in the production of laptops, scanners under the trade name of Fujitsu. In addition, Fujitsu also offers a server for the IT industry in Indonesia. Of the three product, Server is the largest revenue contributor for the company. While the laptop also scanners market are comparatively weak, because the two product (laptop and scanner) still dominated by a more famous brand.

The Business Expansion of Two Japanese Company in Indonesia

In fact, if we viewed from the selling price of the two products is still affordable, Fujitsu also has completed specs as well as products of other brands. Therefore, it is necessary to take a new breakthrough for completed the consumer need in Indonesia. As a way to exhibit, price discounts, promos, and others.

Although Fujitsu Indonesia movement of the selling product is still sluggish in early 2016, but the Fujitsu aims to increase business growth of 20 percent this year. Fujitsu Indonesia is targeting up 20 percent from last year, when last year the company could grow 40 percent, is now the target is up more than 20 percent.

Fujitsu will refocus to sell their production product, and returned to a massive campaign to attract market share. In the home country of Japan, Fujitsu is growing continuously with the significantly increase profit.

In Japan, Fujitsu has a products other than laptops, scanners, than Fujitsu has a tablet devices and smartphones. But until now, Fujitsu Indonesia not yet interesting to production these two devices in Indonesia. While Fujitsu Indonesia only sells three products in advance, and if the market starts to support the Fujitsu will producing smartphones and tablets in Indonesia.

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