Interspace local advertising companies and business alliance

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“Inter-space” (Tokyo Shinjuku, Kawabata Shinichiro president) of the Internet advertising business. On 15th June, the Indonesian subsidiary “PT.INTERSPACE INDONESIA” has operated the advertising platform “Karamel In-image”, “PT Karamedia Lintas Nusantara” and announced that it had decided to business alliance.

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Karamel In-image is, the relevant ads, such as a portal site or blog, can be advertising in a way that was dissolve in nature and the article, the only native advertising platform in Indonesia. In this partnership, the advertiser’s company of Indonesia for affiliate services “ACCESSTRADE (access trade)” can be used to perform the same ad delivery and Karamel In-image. Furthermore Karamel In-image that the advertising is possible to native ad network held.


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