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PT. BITECH JAPAN GASKET (BJG) as a Japanese company in Indonesia. PT.BITECH JAPAN GASKET is a new company that established by a joint venture from “Hamamatsu gasket” and “Japan Metal Gasket”. It was the merger of the gasket manufacturer with each other.

BJG has established in order to increase of the motorcycle demand in Indonesia. At this time, for financing the funds required for the manufacture and sale of metal gasket, PT. BITECH JAPAN GASKET accepted loan from JBIC.

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On September 30, “Japan Bank for International Cooperation” (JBIC) as one of the “overseas development assistance financing facility” was determined “Japan Metal Gasket” (Saitama Prefecture, Koji Ueda president) a loan about US $ 1.05 million.

Japan metal gasket is considered to further business expansion, the loan through the support of the overseas business development of Japanese metal gasket, to become a thing to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the international competitiveness of Japanese industry.


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