PT Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia Opened New Warehouse

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PT Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia company has opened a new warehouse in MM2100 industrial estate Jakarta, it began operating on November 2, 2015. The new warehouse of PT Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia have a strategically location. The location is Jakarta and Tanjung Priok harbor, easy access to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, there is a convenient situated as a logistics company. Around company is a potentials customer, such as manufacturing industry.


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The area of the new warehouse is approximately of 6,000m2. PT Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia of the new warehouse operation, is enhanced to about 41,000m2. Products in the raw materials and components to the manufacturing industry, mainly the automotive industry. In addition, company have a wider storage, inventory management, distribution processing, various logistics services, such as cross-dock, and also provided with a function as a base of milk run and delivery service that completed the various logistics needs of our customers.

Yusen Logistics Group, target is expand warehouse and sea, air and truck delivery to provide high-quality integrated logistics services.


Name: PT Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia – Warehouse No. 3

Address:. Jl Selayar Block B2-5 & 6 MM2100 Industrial Town Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17530, Indonesia



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